It all started during the beautiful Australian summer of 1998. It was warm, sunny, the surf was perfect, and there was a sweet golden summer glow all around; this was Bondi Beach at itʼs best. Bikinis and board-shorts, golden retrievers and the occasional poodle, locals and tourists, all frolicking and free, smiling as they emerge famished from a day of sand and surf. And here to greet them with open arms, was the very first Thainabox. It was simply, love at first sight

Today, this love affair continues, with even more stores enlightening customers with that same satisfying feeling. It is food which has itʼs origins engrained deep within history, from the chillies which were introduced in the 17th century by Portuguese missionaries, to the wok style stir-frying influenced by the Chinese, to the curries brought in by Indian traders. Thai food is a melting pot of flavours from all around the world, modified, blended and adjusted to suit a large variety of taste buds..

box packed

with flavours!