For quite some time we’ve been asked by various people from all over the globe to franchise Thainabox. But we weren’t just ready yet… Until now.

Timing is of the essence of course, and in order to franchise an already successful business, time must be invested perfecting things even further. Time, invested into proving our business model over a number of different formats and in a number of different environments. Time, developing state- of-the-art Franchise tools and training. And time… to know how best to support Entrepreneurs, perhaps like you, on how to build a successful and sustainable business that will be a milestone in their business journey.

And for the first time, Thainabox, is ready to open it’s doors to potential Franchisees.

If you have a sense of adventure, and are keen to build your own business and fit within an established and already successful business model, then you might have the opportunity to be the CEO of your very own Thainabox.




As a Franchise Candidate, right off the bat you want to know a few critical things. So go ahead and ask the tough questions.

1. Is this business in good hands?
Founder and Managing Director Adam Elchakak, CEO David Harding and Chief Brand and Marketing Officer Alia Nahas, are the key ingredients in the Thainabox leadership team.

Adam Elchakak is the heart and soul of Thainabox. There are no two ways about it, Thainabox is what it is because of Adam. His commitment to great food and value for customers and a healthy and profitable business for the owner is at the foundation of Thainabox. He is your classic entrepreneur – visionary, inspiring, fearless and combative (in a good way) but that’s matched with a generosity and loyalty that truly makes him a respected leader amongst his peers.

David Harding, is ‘Mr People and Process’ at Thainabox, driving the continual pursuit of providing Customers with great food, great service and great value, and using this as the foundation for building successful and sustainable Thainabox business units.

Since establishing a business consulting firm over 15 years ago, David has worked with more than 120 different business from some of the biggest corporate names through to start-ups, and just about everything in between.

Foremost amongst this group are a large number of franchises with whom David has worked to either franchise their business from the ground up or improve their businesses, whether they are new to franchising or have been around for 30 or more years. The intellectual property he delivered, particularly around developing Franchisee capability, has been highly regarded by both franchisors and franchisees alike and is critical to Thainabox’s system or developing successful business people.

David manages a committed team who are passionate about delivering the highest standards of food and experience for our customers as well as building successful and sustainable businesses for Thainabox Franchise Partners that provides them with a platform to achieve their goals.
Alia Nahas is the creative soul behind Thainabox, visually, verbally and culinary. As the custodian of the brand, past and future, Alia is the ‘check and balance’of everything we do against our Company Values of generosity, loyalty, and respect. Always motivated by the brand, Alia is meticulous, a ‘details’ person, and a believer in continually refining for pursuit of perfection.

2. Have Thainabox Restaurants Been Successful?
The business dates back to 1998 when the first Thainabox opened at Bondi Beach. Adam Elchakak took over the business in 2006 and embarked upon a significant investment in store development, branding and support infrastructure.

The Thainabox concept has proved successful (read profitable) across three business models (restaurant, food court and mobile food vending) and today Thainabox has 5 restaurants, one food court site and a food caravan that can be seen at many of the leading events in and around Sydney.

3. What Are The Future Plans For Thainabox?
We’re motivated, driven, believe in what we’re doing and know what we’re doing. But rather than tell you what we’re going to do, let us tell you what we are NOT going to do. While our opportunities are enormous we’re not going to compromise on our promise to our customers or to our Franchise Partners. We are not going to get ahead of ourselves. We are going to continue to build a successful and sustainable business that our Franchise Partners can share in. We are not going to listen to experts in the face of good common sense. We are not going to forget our roots. We will always remember our family.

4. What is Thainabox Going To Do For Me?
The Franchisor – Franchisee relationship is a partnership of sorts. Our destiny is tied, so whilst we encourage you to think about what you can contribute rather than what you are going to get, we recognise this is a pretty fair and reasonable question. So here’s what we’re going to do for you:

To start you on your journey, we will take you through a 5-week training program. Unlike other franchisors that only train you in store or restaurant operations, will also develop your capability to get the best from your team, maximise your sales opportunities and manage your business to improve its financial performance; plus a whole lot more.

We understand that our Franchise Partners may come from all walks of life – some will have extensive business knowledge or experience of the restaurant game, whilst others may have neither but bring their own unique set of skills to the brand. Our training caters to this so that our Franchise Partners have a firm grip on the art of selling noodles and the art of business!

Throughout your Thainabox journey you can expect on-going coaching and support to help you maximise your return on investment.
As with any successful food business, the quality of the food remains of the essence. At Thainabox, the quality of our ingredients are of great importance, which is why we only work with the best suppliers to deliver the freshest ingredients to your restaurant. Sauces used in our meals are prepared in-house by our highly trained chefs using our secret recipes; and we utilise a Central Kitchen to freshly prepare our unique entrees for every restaurant.

From our recognisable Asian-style take-away boxes, to the presentation of our food, through to our modern Thai experience, every component of our branding – our logo, our colours and use our materials is part of the Thainabox experience.

Using efficiency and effective contemporary marketing techniques we are driven to tell the Thainabox story and expose our noodles to as many people as we can! All Franchisees are required to contribute to the marketing fund and participate in brand initiatives, market research, product development and promotions togrow the sales and profitability of their Thainabox.


There are plenty of people with money to invest. There are plenty of people who love Thai food. And there are plenty of people who love Thainabox and see the opportunity for them to own their own Thainabox.

We expect our business partners to be all of this and more.

When we look to potential Franchise Business Partners we look to our 4 values:

Value #1: Be Generous:
Ask Not What Your Thainabox Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Thainabox!
Our Franchise Partners are expected to:

  1. Be generous with their customers.
  2. Be active in, and contribute to, their local community.
  3. Be generous with their team.

Value #2: Be Loyal
You May Have To Earn Respect, But You Can Demand Loyalty!
Our Franchise Partners are expected to:

  1. Have a passion for Thainabox.
  2. Work the Thainabox way.
  3. Contribute to the team.

Value #3: Be Respectful
Our Franchise Partners are expected to:

  1. Respect everyone.
  2. Respect our brand and your business.
  3. Listen and seek to understand ideas and views different from your own.

Value #4: Drive and Be Driven
Our Franchise Partners are expected to:

  1. Show leadership and drive your business.
  2. Be prepared to be driven by others.
  3. Be accountable, take ownership and be relentless in improving.

If you’ve got the right ingredients contact us!


1. Begin Your Journey
Contact us or fill out the enquiry form and we’ll send you a Franchise Prospectus.

2. Tell Us Your Story
Once you’ve touched base we can give you an overview of the Thainabox opportunity and get to understand a little more about you and what you’re looking for.

3. Gather The Ingredients
As part of our process at Thainabox you are asked to complete a Questionnaire so that we may gain a better understanding of how you may fit into the Thainabox Franchise family.

4. Build To The Recipe
After further discussions, if your adventurous spirit has a passion for Thainabox then we will ask you to complete a Confidentiality Agreement so we can provide you with our Disclosure Document.

5. Taste the Recipe
This has to work for both of us, so throughout our conversations feel free to ask questions. Make sure you’re satisfied, as we will. You’ll also need to prepare a business plan and seek some independent advice to make sure the journey is right for you.

6. Plate up
If the ingredients have come together, then and you may be approved to become a franchise partner of Thainabox. We’ll provide you with a franchise agreement and you’ll need to pay your initial Franchise Fee and deposit to get the ball rolling.

7. Get Ready to Serve
We will take you through our 5-week initial training program, which will get you prepared to take on your own restaurant at the same time that progress will start on the fit out of your restaurant. You’ll need to complete the training successfully to be given the opportunity to become part of the Thainabox family.

8. Open Your doors
Now you’re ready to open your Thainabox and your journey begins. This is when you will need us to be your BFF and we will be there for you; you won’t have to go it alone. We will provide you with assistance in hiring and train your team, set up relationships with suppliers and getting ready to open. We will then be there with you throughout the opening weeks to make sure it comes together. With the right ingredients and a great recipe, you’re on your way. The rest is not up to you… It’s up to both of us.


1. What training is provided?
To start you on your journey, we will take you through a 5 week training program. Unlike a lot of other franchisors that only train you in store or restaurant operations, we will also develop your capability to get the best from your team, maximise your sales opportunities and manage your business to improve its financial performance, and a whole lot more. And this is just the start. Throughout your Thainabox journey you’ll receive on-going coaching and support to help you maximise your return on investment.

2. What is my investment?
$350,000 – $500,000 (ex GST) depending on restaurant size and site condition. This includes the initial Franchise Fee of $40,000 (ex GST).

3. Are there ongoing fees?
Yes. So we can help you improve and grow your business, achieve our operating standards and make the most of your opportunity through improvements to the brand, business model, promotions and marketing, you’ll need to pay a Franchise Fee and contribute to the Thainabox Marketing fund.

4. Do I have to work in the restaurant?
Previous business experience is not essential but relevant business experience will be highly regarded.

4. Is previous experience in business required?
Previous business experience is not essential but relevant business experience will be highly regarded.

5. Do I have to work in the restaurant?
Ideally, but if not you must have a Nominated Manager in place, and one that is approved by us. The most successful restaurants are typically those where the owner is working in the business, but we understand some entrepreneurs are looking for a different investment model.

5. Can I own more than one Thainabox restaurant?
Maybe. There is definitely the potential to own more than one Thainabox restaurant, but this is dependent on the performance of the first restaurant and having the right plan in place to secure the success of further Thainabox restaurants.